Made in America.

America imports over 90% of the seafood we consume!  Just about 10% is harvested locally from America’s wild-capture and farmed fisheries.

That 10% — America’s harvests — is your smartest, most responsible seafood choice.  Ask for it, prefer it!

Responsibly harvested.

Our harvests are highly regulated to ensure the health of the marine life that we harvest and the surrounding environment and the food and workplace safety requirements of those that package, process, and distribute it.

Supporting the economy.

The U.S. domestic seafood industry is responsible for over a million American jobs and billions of dollars in annual GDP, and growing.

Feeding Americans, and the world, is what we do — safely, responsibly, and proudly.

From sea to shining sea.

America’s seafood industry spans the globe, including our 35 coastal states, territories, and many inland areas. Our industry also supports a nationwide network of trucking, wholesale, equipment, and service businesses, and includes participants that are members of many native American tribes.