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About our Association

Our members are the proud leaders of America's domestic seafood industry.

Source: NOAA Fisheries

The United States Seafood Industry Association is the membership-based trade association for the people, businesses, and organizations that depend on seafood harvested responsibly from America’s fisheries. USSIA is a leading voice for the seafood industry in the United States, including U.S. territories, possessions, and tribal nations.

Our members include fishermen, fish farmers and ranchers, wholesale seafood dealers, processors, distributors, shippers, exporters, industry associations, restaurants, retailers, and food service businesses, equipment and supply manufacturers and distributors, repair and maintenance providers, employees of our business members, industry consultants, and others.

U.S. seafood products include wild and aquaculture harvests of seafood. Our members are involved with seafood regulated by Federal, interstate compact, state, and tribal governments. Every year, seafood from America’s fisheries feeds millions of people — both in America and around the world — and is also used in other products, including as plant and animal food, in nutritional supplements, and in personal care products.

Our association is managed by professional staff and governed by a Board of Directors that is democratically elected by our members.

Our members work together through networking, advocacy, and other initiatives to encourage and protect the United States domestic seafood industry, and to share the messages about the positive environmental, food safety and security, nutritional, and socioeconomic attributes of America’s fisheries with consumers, the media, and policymakers.