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Formal purpose

The formal purpose of the United States Seafood Industry Association

Our Articles of Incorporation define the purpose of the United States Seafood Industry Association as:

  1. To promote the general advancement of the commercial trade of seafood produced from fisheries of the United States, including those of one or more states, territories, possessions, domestic tribal nations, and/or the District of Columbia (hereinafter called the “U.S. seafood industry”);
  2. To promote public understanding and educate the public about the U.S. seafood industry;
  3. To provide a forum for the exchange of technical and operational information and ideas about the U.S. seafood industry;
  4. To advance and maintain an enlightened understanding on the part of governmental authorities of its problems and the concerns of those in the U.S. seafood industry;
  5. To take such steps as are proper and necessary in order to promote better relations and secure proper advantages from regulatory and other agencies, and by these means to attain wider recognition of the fact that the activities of the U.S. seafood industry and our Members are of primary importance to the domestic economy of the nation;
  6. To bring Members into closer personal and friendly relations with each other;
  7. To take all other appropriate action in furtherance of these purposes; and
  8. Consistent with the above, to exercise all powers available to nonprofit corporations organized pursuant to the District of Columbia Code Title 29.