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Our story

Experts across the industry recognized the value of a new approach in focusing our efforts and building our strength.

Fisheries Meeting

Fisheries Meeting

In the summer of 2016, a group of leading professionals across the domestic seafood industry – among them, vessel owners, seafood dealers, aquaculturists, and suppliers – came together and decided to survey the landscape of our domestic seafood industry.  We set about taking a hard look at the many challenges facing our industry – which spans a huge part of the globe, from Guam in the west Pacific, Alaska to the north, and through to the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean.  We conducted a close review of the many solutions that have been and are being employed, and what level of success they’ve had.

  • What was working, and what wasn’t?
  • How do we build on the strengths we’ve found and bring about solutions to meet the challenges?
  • In an industry so diverse, how do you structure and build a lasting, united organization that benefits the whole of the membership, both for today and for the future?

The answers that were identified were surprising, and in some ways, alarming.  Though the specific issues from coast to coast varied greatly, the overall themes were very familiar, and the tactics being used to damage our industry were strikingly similar.  In situation after situation, and fishery after fishery, these same themes kept reemerging – these same problems identified.

No one who was consulted questioned the crucial need to overcome these challenges.  The only question was, how do we accomplish it?  How do we really turn things around for the U.S. domestic seafood industry?

The United States Seafood Industry Association was founded to accomplish this mission.  A national association solely focused on the unique issues affecting the strength and longevity of the U.S. domestic seafood industry.

Built both to better meet the today’s challenges and to build an even stronger, brighter future for our industry, USSIA represents a new, twenty-first century, integrated approach to preserve and build our industry from the inside.  Leveraging strengths from the many pools of extremely smart and talented professionals working in, and on behalf of, the industry, USSIA is built to turn the page and begin a new chapter.  USSIA’s mission includes:

  • Consistent and effective education of the general public so they increase their consumption of seafood as protein source;
  • Promotion of the unique advantages that U.S. harvested seafood has over other seafood choices;
  • Effective communications to correct the record by being a united voice confronting and challenging the falsehoods that continue to permeate public perception and influence the decisions of policymakers;
  • Efficient and cost effective promotion of responsibly and sustainably caught U.S. seafood for what it is – the vanguard by which all other fisheries should be measured;
  • Campaigns aimed at overcoming the challenges facing our domestic industry in the marketplace, making us more competitive, both at home and abroad;
  • Programs to retain and grow the capacity of the U.S. harvested seafood industry, and support job growth and retention of well-trained, highly qualified, seafood industry professionals;
  • Cooperation to work as a united industry, bolstering the strength of all members involved to accomplish more toward our objectives than could be done separately.

Our members represent the very best of our industry, seizing this crucial opportunity to fill the gap and bring about a better today, and an even brighter tomorrow, for the people, businesses, and organizations that depend on seafood harvested responsibly from America’s fisheries.  Our members, including those that serve on our Board of Directors, Committees, and Working Groups, demonstrate their leadership in advancing the common, shared, productive future for America’s domestic seafood industry.