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Our unique position

We represent America's fisheries, from boat to plate, and all those that depend on them.

NOAA Fisheries - 39 stocks rebuilt as of June 30, 2016

Source: NOAA Fisheries

The United States Seafood Industry Association is by far not the only fisheries association in the country.  In fact, sometimes it may seem like “fisheries associations” are one of the prime areas of growth in our industry.  However, USSIA has important differences in our objectives and in our approach to accomplishing our objectives that complement – and not compete – with our member fisheries organizations.  We strive to make them all more effective, and to pool our collective skills, knowledge, and resources to accomplish more as a collective than we could divided.

USSIA approaches our mission with a fresh, practical look at how to go about accomplishing each of our objectives.  The U.S. domestic seafood industry is large in geographic size, large in scope, and vital in importance – and our mission is to grow the industry even larger, responsibly, and make us more resilient.

One of the guiding principles in formulating our approach was to conduct a thorough analysis of how our industry has been assaulted by other organizations.  How do they operate successfully, and what can we learn to counter that?  Another important component was to examine other similar industries that have been successful in countering similar opposition.  What did they do right, and how can we apply it to our industry?

Both inside and outside of the government, USSIA is forging many partnerships to support our members and breathe new life into our industry.  Achievement of our objectives does not lie with one Council, one Agency, or one cabinet Department.  In the private sector, we’re building partnerships with associations from other food industries, representing American jobs, nutrition and medical professionals, educational partnerships, and others.  As needed, we will build our alliances with those organizations that support American jobs and a strong U.S. domestic seafood industry.

By maximizing efficiency through the use of innovative technology, efficient contractors, and streamlined operations, we accomplish our mission at a fraction of the annual budget of many industry organizations of a similar scope.  In fact, our entire budget is less than the cost of some other fisheries associations that cover only single fisheries.

USSIA is inclusive – not exclusive.

  • Our dues are designed to be affordable, based on the size and type of industry business. Because our industry is so diverse, we will make dues accommodations when warranted.  We don’t want to exclude anybody who wants to be part of truly shaping the future of the industry.  Members from a wide swath of the industry have united to accomplish our objectives in a way that is cost-effective for all.
  • Our structure is designed to accommodate differing, even conflicting, points of view in a collaborative manner.
  • Our process is designed to reach out to others in the industry, soliciting their viewpoints and working together when possible.

In short, USSIA is approaching our industry’s challenges in a positive, productive new way.