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The value of membership

Your membership allows us to represent you and shape the U.S. domestic seafood industry, both today and for generations to come.

Membership BannerChoosing to become a dues paying member of the United States Seafood Industry Association shows that you are taking an active role in formulating and advancing the policies that support and promote the U.S. domestic seafood industry, both today and in the future.

Together with your fellow members, your membership provides the financial support and commitment to ensuring that our industry, as a key food security provider, regains and retains its rightful place among America’s most vitally important, responsible, and vibrant industries.  As we continue to grow with support from the leaders in our industry, USSIA will remain on a steady course to be and remain a powerful force for our members in the U.S. domestic seafood industry.

Benefits of membership

As the only nationwide association exclusively focused on the issues of the U.S. domestic seafood industry, membership in the United States Seafood Industry Association comes with many benefits:

  • Be in the know: USSIA members are kept informed of the latest issues facing American seafood policy;
  • Help shape the issues: USSIA members provide input to shape our organization’s policies and positions, and can choose to participate in our many committees and working groups to advance our objectives;
  • Work with a united team: USSIA members have access to our professional staff who work full-time to advance our fisheries policy, advocacy, educational, communications, marketing, and other objectives;
  • Support your own complimentary efforts: USSIA provides support and assistance to businesses and other industry associations to augment their education, outreach, and marketing objectives;
  • Increase your knowledge: USSIA members have access to our industry education seminars, webinars, and knowledgebase;
  • Showcase your products and services: USSIA members are able to reach out to the membership to promote their products and services. In addition, members that sell to end-users can choose to be listed and profiled as part of our public education campaigns, including in our “Locate Great U.S. Seafood” online directory and smartphone apps.

The benefits we offer to our members will only increase as our numbers grow.  Whether you are a Captain on a fishing vessel, the owner of a large seafood wholesaler or restaurant, a fisheries advocate or association, or an employee or family member of all of these — membership in USSIA shows your commitment to preserving, protecting, and defending America’s seafood industry.