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Countering misinformation

We are a trusted source to combat any misleading and erroneous information about the U.S. domestic seafood industry.

All too often, the public, decision makers, and even our youth are misinformed about our industry.  This comes from many sources and takes many different forms, but the net effect has caused widespread misunderstandings.

Whether the falsehoods come in the form of misinformation in the media, flawed opinion pieces, unsound seafood rating standards, or distortions in educational curriculum, countering the false narrative with truth is paramount to ensuring that our industry strengthens.  While falsehoods persist, the temptation among decision makers to “tighten the screws” on our industry will also persist.  The United States domestic seafood industry is the gold standard of the world – we must deliver a consistent message to ensure that message is received.

Many other fisheries organizations conduct some level of outreach, some focused at the public, others toward decision makers, and still others toward correcting the misinformation.  These efforts have been shown to be effective in many cases, and USSIA builds on and enhances this effectiveness to the benefit of all our members and the U.S. harvested seafood industry.


Our Approach

USSIA has a long-term, focused, and intensive approach to correcting the record and spreading the truth about U.S. harvested seafood and the United States seafood industry.

  • USSIA is establishing ourselves as an authoritative source of the truth about the United States seafood industry. Every day, we increase our connections with journalists and organizations that shape public perception.  Every time we encounter it, we correct the misinformation that relates to our members and U.S. harvested seafood.
  • USSIA’s educational efforts showcase our members as the leaders of our industry. Our outreach allows us to showcase the finest, most responsible businesses in the industry.  Our assistance to their own public education efforts will enhance and strengthen our joint objectives.
  • As USSIA’s public education efforts gather steam, we will offer a rich set of resources on our public-facing website, USSeafood.org, that demonstrate our member’s commitment to responsible practices, job creation and growth, and their important contributions to the economy.

By correcting the record, USSIA ensures that misinformation about our members and the U.S. domestic seafood industry does not become de facto facts.