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Industry led solutions

By uniting, USSIA and our members overcome the “divide and conquer” tactics that outside interests have used to cause friction within our industry.

The U.S. harvested seafood industry is entitled to a large say in how our industry is regulated.  Our domestic seafood industry is the most well-managed and responsible in the world.  Much of the reason for this is because of the responsible practices of our industry.

However, too often, outside interests have pitted some parts of our industry against other parts.  This has led to unnecessary conflict, competition, and has slowed down achievement of our combined objectives.  Often, we have seen this strategy put into action on purpose by these outsiders, many of whom are intent on creating divisiveness within the industry.  They are aware of the power and influence that a united voice brings to the discussion.  Our formation is the realization of their worst fears, because it provides the opportunity to maintain much more control of the trajectory of our industry.

Because of this divisiveness, much of the industry has been unable to focus on the objectives that are central to lasting change and improvement – such as sustained public education, capacity building, seafood professional training, and increasing market demand for U.S. harvested seafood.

 Our Approach

With our diverse industry, it is inevitable that some segments may not agree with the choices of other segments.  However, USSIA is committed to doing as much as possible to minimize, compromise, and resolve conflict is the best way to keep our united U.S. domestic seafood industry moving forward in advancing our objectives.

  • USSIA reaches across the industry – and, when needed, across the aisle – to explore solutions that are supported by our members. When a common and industry supported solution can be widely promoted by our membership, the industry has its best shot in shaping important policy decisions.
  • USSIA provides a forum to resolve disputes among fishery sectors if they choose. Because compromise between our sectors is often a better solution than allowing a divided voice embolden the advocacy of others, USSIA has developed a conflict resolution process that encourages cooperation and compromise among our members.
  • USSIA keeps abreast of opportunities to advance our industry, or U.S. food production as a whole, across the government. Besides our focus on seafood industry related policies, we also monitor, inform, and support policies that affect U.S. businesses and trade associations as a whole.

By enabling our members to be even more effective as strong leaders of the U.S. domestic seafood industry, USSIA provides value and support to each.