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Moving the industry forward

USSIA and our members have joined forces to meet today's challenges as well as enable a bright future for America's seafood industry.

Our industry is extremely diverse, encompassing a geographic area spanning much of the globe and an economy that reaches from harvesters to retailers.  With such a large scope, many other associations and coalitions have come into being to address the challenges facing their members.  Most of these are specific to a given area, a given fishery, or a given business type in the industry.

Many of these issue or area-specific organizations have found approaches that work and deliver results to their members.  Just as important, they have the institutional memory to provide input on what has and has not worked.  By harnessing our connections, we can approach fishery challenges in a way that empowers new thinking:

  • Maybe an approach that didn’t work but had potential could be made to work in a different area, or with a national effort?
  • Maybe a failed approach is a lesson for us all to learn from and apply to local, regional, and fishery-specific challenges?

A united national organization that spans the entire industry has proven itself to be very effective, even essential, in numerous other industries.

Our Approach

One of USSIA’s greatest strengths is in our ability to harness the combined might of our industry, including – and especially – with our partner organizations.  Working in a coordinated manner toward achievement of our objectives, we accomplish more united than we did separately.

  • USSIA provides assistance to our members that increases the effectiveness of our shared objectives.
  • USSIA stands ready to help jumpstart fishery or geographic-specific organizations and help upstarts grow.
  • USSIA is able to provide a unified front in defense of our industry as a whole on the issues that gain strength from a national approach.

The power of connections with and between our members and partner organizations gives USSIA its strength.  By focusing on the big picture, USSIA is making waves in achieving our objectives.