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Reshaping seafood policy

USSIA and our members are making the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play a key role in reshaping U.S. seafood and fisheries policy.

Source: U.S. Department of Commerce

Source: U.S. Department of Commerce

Regardless of your politics, it is clear that a unique time has emerged in our Nation’s history.  For the first time in generations, the potential for substantial change is on the horizon.  Fundamental changes in how the government, well, governs are beginning to take shape.  Now is the opportunity of a lifetime to seize this moment and turn things around.

There are those that have said that the U.S. domestic seafood industry is in an unstoppable downward spiral.  Some say the resources of the opposition are so great that they will eventually prevail.  While, at times, there has been much darkness across our Nation’s fishing industry, the time for gloom and doom is over.

That which cannot go on forever will eventually stop.  The pendulum which has swung so far is already slowing, and will come swinging back in the other direction.  Change has come to America.  USSIA is leveraging that change in support of our members, the leaders of the U.S. domestic seafood industry.

Our Approach

By putting America first, the new approach in Washington and across the country will begin to show results and improvements in many industries, and we’re going to make sure that America’s domestic seafood industry is at the top of the list.  After all, domestic food production is vitally important to America’s national security.

  • Every year, our industry sustains millions of American jobs and supports billions in economic activity. As USSIA grows, promoting our membership and these contributions to American employment and the economy, decision makers at all levels of government, as well as the public, will increasingly “have our back”, helping to support, maintain, and promote our industry.
  • Instead of ever more regulations on our domestic industry, new regulations — holding seafood imports to U.S. standards, imposing appropriate trade adjustment tariffs, and more — will create a more level playing field, helping to make U.S. seafood preferred in the marketplace. At the same time, seafood that we export to other nations will be exported on more favorable terms.
  • Marketing and promotion of “buy American” products and services is just beginning. Now is the perfect time to foster the creation and promote a nationwide marketing certification that caters to this large – and growing – market segment of consumers who place a premium on locally, domestically sourced foods.
  • USSIA supports policies and programs to “hire American”, by creating and retaining American jobs, stabilizing and increasing domestic seafood production, and promotion of U.S. harvested seafood as the world’s gold standard. These policies and programs are just now in the planning stages across all branches of the Federal government and in many states.  As they develop, USSIA will be at the table to make sure our important industry benefits from these exciting new opportunities.

USSIA is committed to making the most of this unique opportunity in our Nation’s history to effect real, lasting, and substantial change to regain greater control over the issues of importance of our members.